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FDC, Inc. Since 1990

Here at Business Funding Systems, a division of FDC, Inc., we have been conducting wholesale, retail and e-commerce business for twenty-nine years. Along the way we had to deal with financing these businesses and dealing with banks and other lending institutions. With our years of starting businesses we have learned there are different avenues to obtaining capital for business, especially if you are a start up. The traditional banks and credit unions do not want to deal with you if you are a new business and you don't want to put all your assets including your home up for collateral. 


We work with businesses and small manufacturing companies in the Raleigh, North Carolina area as well as Greensboro, and Charlotte. 

For twenty years we have also been involved in obtaining business equipment leases for manufacturing equipment and software. If you are a small to medium sized fabrication shop and need new equipment for your shop, we can provide a tax favorable equipment lease preserving capital to help you grow. 

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